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Computer & Electronics Recycling - Phoenix Arizona

eGreen-IT Solutions is an industry leader in computer and electronics recycling. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, eGreen-IT Solutions is committed to responsible electronics recycling, data destruction, IT asset disposition and development of environmental management systems for both business and residential clients.

Our certifications ensure our clients that eGreen-IT Solutions maintains the highest level of compliance and consistency in computer and electronics recycling.  We take our responsibility to our clients’ data security and as environmental stewards seriously, and have completed the rigorous third party auditing process required to become a Certified e-Stewards Recycler.  eGreen-IT Solutions is proud to adhere to the world’s highest standards for socially and environmentally responsible computer and electronics recycling.

Our computer and electronics recycling services are delivered through strict compliance with “Zero Landfill and “Zero Export of Hazardous Waste” policies.   Data security is ensured through our Department of Defense (DOD) certified overwrite processes and physical destruction performed in compliance with DOD standards.  This ensures clients that no confidential information breaches or transfer of license software can occur.

Our clients range from individuals concerned with privacy and minimizing their impact on the environment to Fortune 500 corporations and major government entities for whom security and responsible asset disposition are vital.  eGreen-IT Solutions applies the same standards and commitment to our values to each job, ensuring that we provide the highest level of protection for every client.

For more information on computer and electronics recycling and secure data destruction, contact eGreen-IT Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona today.
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